How to fix water-damaged Samsung Galaxy Note 4 ?

This is the guide that I followed to fix my water damaged note 4

How I fixed my wife’s note 4.

This is how it happened.
One morning, my wife’s note 4 cannot be booted.
So I took out battery and tried again. I noticed some water under battery.
It was getting hot. Then unplugged. Brought the phone to the service center and let them fixed it since it is still under warranty.
But turned out it was water damage.
Water damage was not under warranty so I was asked to pay 700+ to fix it.
Later discounted to 529.
I said f**k it. Brought it back home and Googled it.
Found this article and decided to give it a try since i got nothing to lose.

I found some tear down webpage and videos to tare my phone apart.
I bought some tools and I bought Isopropyl alcohol liquid.

Luckily I manage to tear down everything without damaging.
At first I only took the motherboard and dipped it in that liquid for about 24 hours. It didn’t work.
So the next day, dipped the mainboard for one day.
Charging board which has corrosion was also dipped in the liquid for one day.
Brushed here and there.
Next day, assembled everything back.
Voila!!!!! It was bloody booting.
It worked!!!!!!!!
So I was super happy and so was my wife!
I got to thank the person who posted the post and again don’t lose hope.



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